220kV 60A Resonant Test System for Acceptance HV AC test of 275kV Cables onsite


This is an onsite acceptance project in Malaysia, our 220kV 60A HV resonant test system were used for AC acceptance test (withstand voltage) of 275kV Prysmian XLPE cables  in Petronas Rapid project,after the XLPE cables were laid from power plant to factory GIS.

Our system output 200kV 20~300Hz high voltage AC voltage to GIS through a bushing connection for testing the underground XLPE cables.

This system 13200kVA 220kV×3 Variable Frequency Resonant Test System, was mainly designed for AC voltage test of 275kV XLPE cables as below, 

1) Cable size 1c 1200mm2 Cu 

2) Capacitance 0.2uF/km

3) Maximum circuit length 8km

4) Maximum capacitance / phase 1.6uF

Test requirements,

1) Test voltage: 1hr at 210kV RMS, 24hrs at 160kV RMS (IEC 62067) 

2) Test frequency: 20 - 300Hz

For withstand voltage tests on XLPE cables once laid on-site (after installation) according to IEC 60840 and IEC 62067.

As part of a series resonant circuit, these systems provide undistorted AC high voltage. And because the systems are designed to have high quality factor (Q), low input power is required (1/Q) which results in lower installation and operating costs.

resonant test system

xlpe cable ac test

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